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Other services
Other services

ELV decontamination

Our treatment plants are authorised by the ARC for the decontamination of end-of-life vehicles. We have latest-generation equipment to put raw materials back on the market following proper decontamination. We also process the documentation required by the DGT, the Spanish traffic authority, to deregister vehicles.

Destruction of confidential documents

We have the machinery necessary to provide a personalised confidential document shredding service.

Demolitions and dismantling

We have latest-technology machinery and highly-qualified staff to carry out any demolition. We have extensive experience in jobs of this kind.

Environmental advice

Our team, made up of professionals in the sector, studies waste management in your company to offer the best solutions. Our environmental technical department can advise you on: the annual waste declaration (DARI), processing acceptance slips and monitoring sheets and information and updates on the environmental requirements applicable to your business.