vilella recicla

Our facilities include machinery featuring the latest technology, able to sort waste according to its features in order to get the most out of it.

We work to develop processes that enable us to exploit the resources obtainable from the waste we generate. Like this, waste acquires added value, as either raw materials or energy can be obtained from it.

Scrap metals

We recycle ferrous and non-ferrous metals of all kinds to make them into raw material for industry.

Paper and cardboard

We exploit paper and cardboard of all kinds. We work hard to be more efficient every day in recovering materials, as proper separation and sorting of waste is the first step towards turning it into raw materials.


We sort plastics into different families in order to convert them into granules which can be used as raw material for manufacturing new products.


Waste wood can be recovered and exploited through proper management of wood and pallets. Thanks to the new processes we have implemented, we have increased wood recycling rates considerably, making it into a renewable energy source.


We handle glass of all kinds; once sorted and processed it can be turned into a product with many uses, mainly in the building industry and to manufacture containers.

Unusable material (SRF)

We have high-technology machinery that enables us to get the most out of industrial waste that up to now has gone to landfill.

Our primary goal is always to find an alternative to landfill in order to maximise the environmental and economic benefits resulting from this.

We are pioneers in turning unusable material into solid recovered fuel (SRF), a fuel made from non-hazardous waste which is exploited for energy in incineration and co-incineration plants.

Bringing SRF onto the energy market has given us many advantages, both economic and environmental, such as the possibility of more sustainable waste management and processing and increased use of renewable energy.